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Comfort accessories for dogs

When it comes to fashion, It is one thing to wear the latest stylish dresses, but to truly rock, you also need to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. What applies to us humans, also applies to our furry friends. This means that if you want to give your canine companions a great life, it is not enough to focus on what they wear. It is also important to make sure they get the best of other accessories too. At Barks & Wags, we call these “comfort accessories” to separate them from fashion accessories 

So, what are comfort accessories? These include anything that makes your pet’s life easier by providing them means of safety, entertainment and comfort. Think of beds to doze off, pillows/cushions to lean on or play with, or mats to play around with. If you think you are the only one who likes to laze around in bed or have a little pillow fight going, you will be surprised to know that your dog is just as eager to do what they see you doing. Who would have guessed, right?  

dog sleeping on a rug

If you’re thinking of dog beds as boring rectangular slabs where they will doze off when tired, you’re happily mistaken. With beds being available in designs as diverse as tents, dog huts or even “secret” dens, one thing your dog will never experience is boredom. Comfort will be as interesting as playing for them. They can create their own parallel universe inside the huts or dens if they want. When they want to keep an eye on the world around them even while resting, they can always step out and sleep in one of the cuddlers. If you have seen a dog sleeping in their bed, you know what a lovely sight they make. With fun designs and top-quality material and craftsmanship, you can be assured of value for your money as well. 

If elaborate beds and dens don’t interest your pet, we have the relatively spartan versions available too - placemats. Normally, you would use them to place food and water bowls for your buddy, but don’t be surprised if they slide it aside and decide to plonk themselves there. You never know what will take their fancy, but you can always know that they are comfortable and having fun.

We understand what your pet means to you, and we also understand what comfort and fun means to your furry friend. With us, you can rest assured that both are being taken care of. Be sure to check out our extensive collection of cushions, beds and placemats today. We know you will find something just right for your fur-iend.

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