Little dog playing with the owner

Draping the doggos!

Do you “own a dog”? Are you a “dog parent”? Are you your dog’s “hooman”? Please read on only if you have answered “no” to the first question. Something special awaits you.

 Just as we love to be taken care of by our parents and loved ones while growing up, dogs too need love and affection from their “hoomans”. They shower us with their unconditional love in many ways. You must have noticed their tails wagging when they see you or the enthusiasm with which they jump on you when you get home. While we too reciprocate in our own ways by taking care of them, nurturing them and keeping them safe, there is something more that we can do.

 If you have noticed, our doggos typically don’t have clothes adorning them. Clothes for your dogs will make them look snazzy and make them the centre of attention. Why not do something different for your furry kid and get them some cool clothes? If you are still not convinced, read on.

Cute little dog wearing pink dress by Barks and Wags 

One of the biggest reasons you should clothe your four-legged friend is the sheer novelty of it. Dogs love to be fussed over. What better way to do so than to get your dog the finest clothes that you can lay your hands on? The time that you spend with your dog - dressing them up, talking to them while you do so - is one of the most precious moments that you can spend with them. Contrary to what you might think, dogs love being clothed. They are not cats, you see? ;) Clothes keep them warm in winter and fashionable in summer. Let them strut around like they are the king of the world (which they are).

Spending time with your dog is one of the best gifts you can give them (apart from our creations). The very fact that their parents are spending time with them matters a lot to them, and leads to a deeper, stronger bond between you and them. We don’t have to tell you that it works both ways. The satisfaction in your heart when you see your pawsome buddy strut around happily is a reward in itself. Last but not the least, our extensive collection of clothes and accessories for dogs ensures that your special friends get what they truly deserve - the best!

Barks and Wags know how much you care for your best friend, and to make them feel special, we have an exclusive summer collection available.

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