dog wearing lime green-coloured sleeveless tshirt for dogs designed by Barks & Wags

Is your dog summer-ready?

As the hot Indian summer arrives in its full glory, the mercury is not the only thing looking to zoom up. Your furry friends also look up to you to make sure that you give them what they truly deserve, and we are not talking about just love and affection. Just as they mean a lot to you, they deserve that something extra to make their lives better.

Your dogs not only need to be protected from the rising heat, but they also need to be able to razzle dazzle and send the mercury soaring while staying safe. What they need is a perfect blend of protection and fashion, of safety and style. This is exactly where our collection of summer clothes for dogs comes in. Our summer clothing for dogs not only keeps your pets safe from the vagaries of weather, but also ensures that they look cool while staying safe.

Most, if not all, dog parents treat their pets as their closest friends or even children. When that’s the case, they deserve something as good and special as you would buy for yourself. T-shirts are modern fashion’s best way to stay cool and make a statement at the same time. Just remember how many times you have looked at someone’s t-shirt and wished that you had it, too. If you want your dog to get those admiring looks, take a look at our summer clothes for dogs, which have a wide range of t-shirts.

Whether you prefer polo or sleeveless, the Barks & Wags summer t-shirt collection has just the right thing for you. When your dog puts one of these on, s/he will look absolutely furrabulous. A wide variety of colours, styles and slogans will make sure that no matter what statement your dog makes, it will be a lasting one. Get one of these today and make sure that your best friend is truly ready to take on the summer in style, safely!

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