Dog wearing personalised cape by Barks & Wags

Trending Clothes for Dogs

When it comes to clothing, we humans have such a huge range of options that there is a multi-billion dollar fashion industry flourishing today. No matter what your taste in fashion is, there are many options available for you. On the other hand, we don’t hear too much about clothes for dogs. So does this mean that your four-legged best friend will sport a frown? Of course not. We have a wide range of trending options for your fur-iend. Stay with us to know more. 

When someone says “dogs”, you immediately picture them having fun, running around like there’s no tomorrow, jumping over anything and everything, including you. What better outfit to wear while doing this than some smart casual t-shirts for dogs. Lightweight, made from a breathable single jersey blend and machine-washable, these t-shirts and tank tops are an absolute delight for your pet. No wonder there will be an extra spring in their step as they frolic around in one of these. 

cute dog wearing red-coloured sleeveless t-shirt

Of course, fun and frolic is not all that you associate with dogs. There are times when they enjoy being in more, may we say, human-like situations like a party. And if their hooman is decked up in their best formals, you cannot expect the doggos to look plain, can you? That is exactly where our tuxedos for dogs come in. Tux-inspired velvet jackets, eye-catching colours, accompanied by a bow tie - what’s there to not like about these dapper dresses? After all, your pooch is guaranteed to be the best-dressed one out there with these. 

dog wearing tuxedo

If formals are ruling the roost, can pretty florals be far behind? A princess deserves to look like the royalty she is, whether human or canine. Our floral printed dresses make this come true with their rich, colourful designs and wearability. As she swirls and twirls around in one of these and charms everyone with her regal elegance, you can rest assured that all eyes are on her, rightfully so. 

dog wearing pink dress

There are times to be prim and proper, and there are times when crazy cool is the way to be. When it’s the latter, you cannot go wrong with some gangsta-style bandanas. Just like humans, it takes a certain amount of swag for your pet to carry off a bandana, and we are sure they don’t lack any. Wide range of fabrics and colours, easy to wear and take off, and an ability to be customised is what makes our bandanas a perfect gift for your little bundle of cool. Whether it is a special occasion or a gift on a whim, this is exactly what you need to make sure your fur-iend rocks the cool charts. 

dog wearing pink dress

If you think that’s all we have, we are happy to say that you are mistaken. Make a quick trip to our clothing collection and you will come to know that our collection of trending clothes for dogs is wide and joyful, just like your arms when they happily jump at you. 

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