woman putting on a harness for dogs

Uses of Harness for Dogs

For proud dog parents, their furry friends are a part of their family, and safety matters when it comes to family. Maintaining safety for your dog can sometimes be tricky and overwhelming. Simply providing your dogs with proper nutrition, medical check-ups or comfort is not enough. We need to ensure that the apparels that can provide them with a sense of safety as well. A harness for dogs is one such brilliant option.

 You must think “Aren’t harnesses on the dogs basically for the owner’s safety”? Not at all. Let’s delve into the past to see how harnesses have helped dogs to feel safe.They were developed and have been in use for a millennium, but the actual positive effects of using them have come into the light just now. There is a preconceived notion that a harness increases the pulling effect and strain on the dogs but it is actually the opposite! It acts like a seat belt for the safety of your dog.

benefits of wearing harness and leash for dogs 

The major advantages of using a harness are:

It protects the neck: When a harness is used on your dog, it distributes the pressure on a larger surface area of the body rather than straining only the throat region. This situation can help in avoiding prolonged back or neck issues. This will result in more safety and precaution towards any strainful injuries.

Easy breathing: Even in scenarios where there is any kind of a jerk on the harness, it will not cause any tension on the dog’s body, thus preventing any panic. In case your dog is a little hyperactive and happens to get its harness stuck to a foreign object all of sudden, this type of jerk will not be harmful as the shock will be reduced as a result of the harness. This will keep your dog safe from sudden breathlessness.

Easier to walk: Having a harness does not mean restricting the movements of the dog in any manner, rather they provide them more comfort and security. Without any strain or discomfort, now your dog can walk freely and happily (which will also provide owners to enjoy their walk time with their fur-friend)

By going through the list of using a harness from above now we can understand its true importance. Looking at how each of us wants our pets to feel secure and be happy, Barks & Wags have a range of harnesses and leashes for dogs. You can check which one fits perfectly for your fur-friend both in the free-movement aspect and aesthetics as well. With us providing quality harnesses, you can relax and let us play our part in keeping your dog the safest, healthiest, and happiest. So, put the harness on your dog and let the adventure begin!

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