wedding outfits for dogs from Barks & Wags

Stylish wedding outfits for dogs

Weddings are an occasion of great joy and festivity. Happy faces everywhere, lots of happy noises, good food and drinks flowing, and not to forget, the choicest and the most exquisite of dresses making their appearance. Oh wait! Did we mention dresses? Of course, we did. No wedding is ever complete with the latest and the greatest outfits being adorned. And if the humans are going to be decked up in all their finery, the canines cannot be left behind. Wedding clothes for dogs are as important as their human parents, probably even more. 

For a pet parent, dogs are family. So when the wedding season starts and the invites start pouring in, picking something for them becomes a tricky affair. “What should my dog wear for the wedding?” is a question that puzzles every dog parent. If it’s your own wedding, then “What should my dog wear for MY wedding?” becomes an even more important question. Thankfully, the answer is right here. Barks & Wags have an excellent collection of wedding outfits for dogs starting with, but not limited to stylish tuxedos for dogs. Bow ties, velvet and swirly dresses are also on offer.

wedding clothes for dogs from Barks & Wags

Every winter, between October and December, around 20,000 weddings take place in India. If your social circle is wide enough, you (and your furry friend) will end up being invited to more than a few of those. These tuxedos, bow ties and dresses will ensure that your dog will look as sharp and well-decked as you do. It’s also possible that they may end up getting more attention than you. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you. 😊

Of course, when your pet struts around proudly in their brand new stylish tuxedo with a bow tie or dress, we’re sure that you will be more proud than envious.

If you’re still unconvinced, you can simply check out our latest collection. Get your pet the best that they deserve. Their wagging tails will tell you all that you need to know.

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